We’re proud to announce that Grioli and Company PTY LTD has been granted its Australian Financial Services (“AFS”) Licence (#506003).

The AFS licence authorises Grioli & Co. to to provide investment advice and investment management to wholesale clients.

Having our own AFS licence offers our clients several key benefits:

  • Independence and freedom from conflicts of interest
  • Direct accountability for our actions
  • Freedom to create and offer proprietary investment strategies

We believe that it’s not the size of a client’s gross returns that matters, it’s how much of those returns they get to keep after costs and taxes that matters.

This is why we provide investment management services via a managed discretionary account (MDA) structure. Your investments are securely held in your own account by – Interactive Brokers, a discount brokerage that holds an AFS custody licence.

The combination of having our own AFS license and using a discount broker with a custody licence allows us to eliminate the middle-men (dealer groups, platforms, ratings agencies and fund managers) that stand between you and your portfolio’s returns.

It’s just another example of our commitment to our core principles:

  • Put the client first. Always.
  • Work hard to create more value for the client than the fees that we charge.
  • Build our business and everything that we do around these core principles.