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Research and development of multi-asset, equity, fixed income and liquid alternatives investment strategies.

Specialist advice on client education and marketing for fund managers and hedge funds.

Gain an independent perspective. Understand how your clients and their consultants make investment decisions. Grasp the competitive forces shaping their industry and the constraints that they face.

Expert guidance on how to win over prospects and deepen your relationship with existing clients.

Daniel Grioli is available for investment committee membership as an adviser (non-voting) or independent committee member.

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Advice (Q3, 2018)

Helping high-net worth investors, family offices, charitable foundations, endowments and smaller institutions to gain greater control over their future.

Applying behavioural economics and psychology to help our clients build their own investment strategy.

We work on a conflict-free, fixed-fee basis. Our aim is to keep things as simple as possible and to keep costs low.

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Funds Management (Q3, 2018)

Maximising risk-adjusted, net-of-fee returns by investing in our best ideas and charging fees that are aligned with client outcomes.

Our competitive edge: The disciplined application of psychology and behavioural economics to improve decision-making.

Equity – Investment philosophy and process that is flexible – investing in opportunities regardless of size or style. Portfolio construction focused on absolute returns and not market benchmarks.

Multi-asset – Using valuation, economic and market fundamentals and trend to create actively managed portfolios with better risk-adjusted returns than conventional balanced funds.

All of our strategies are available via independently managed accounts (IMA) for wholesale clients.

Who We Are

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Daniel Grioli is an investor, portfolio manager, strategist, educator, student and author. He founded Grioli & Co in September 2017.

He spent 10 years allocating capital on behalf of superannuation (pension) funds. His responsibilities included asset allocation, portfolio construction and fund manager research.

Daniel’s career as an allocator gave him a terrific vantage point from which to explore a wide variety of investments.

He learned that what separates the best investors from the rest is temperament. It’s what helps investors to be disciplined – sticking to an investment process that promotes good decision-making.

Investors can’t control the future. So, they need to focus on what they can control. That’s why successful investors focus on process and not outcome.

This realisation prompted Daniel to focus on psychology, behavioural economics and decision theory.

It’s also what pushed Daniel to found Grioli & Co, a firm dedicated to maximising client value-for-money. Most investment institutions are riddled with office politics, bureaucracy and conflicts of interest. All of which spoil investment decisions.

Daniel is now focused on maximising net-of-fee, risk-adjusted investment returns for his clients.

He is currently enrolled in the Graduate Diploma of Psychology program at the University of Melbourne. Daniel completed the Behavioural Economics and the Modern Economy program at the London School of Economics in 2016.

He has a Bachelor of Business from RMIT. Daniel holds a Master of Applied Finance from Kaplan/FINSIA.

Daniel completed the Value Investing program at the Columbia University Graduate School of Business in 2015.The program teaches the methods of equity analysis and valuation pioneered by Benjamin Graham and practiced by many successful value investors, including Warren Buffett.

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