Tired of “advice” designed to get you to trade? Unsure of what you’ve invested in?  Wondering if your portfolio will meet your return objectives? How do you know when it’s time to make a change to your portfolio? Sounds like you need an investment framework. Lucky for you, we’re here to help.

Who Our clients include:

  • High-net worth individuals and families
  • Family offices
  • Charitable foundations and endowments
  • Smaller institutional clients
What We provide specialist independent, investment advice for clients that are:

  • Large and sophisticated enough to benefit from integrated advice that considers your needs at the total portfolio, asset class and fund manager-levels.
  • But not large enough for institutionally-focused asset consultants to offer you cost-effective advice.

Our skills and experience cover many areas of investment strategy and funds management, including:

  • Investment philosophy, process and policy
  • Strategic asset allocation
  • Dynamic asset allocation
  • Portfolio construction
  • Fund manager research
  • Investment research
  • Stock research and valuation
  • Behavioural Finance
  • Presenting to Investment Committees and Boards

This advice can also be presented as an investment policy statement (IPS). The IPS is designed to be a comprehensive and definitive decision-making framework.

Why The essential reason why clients seek advice is to gain control over their future.

The future is uncertain and unknowable because it has yet to happen. So, the logical answer to most investment questions is “it depends”.

Accepting this principle means that the emphasis of our investment advice shifts from selling you products to creating a logical and evidence-based conceptual framework that helps you make better investment decisions.

A framework helps you identify, organise and monitor the key variables that matter. It focuses your attention on the decisions that you can control.

These variables change dynamically over time. Your investment strategy needs to be flexible and responsive to cope with changed circumstances, while still remaining true to your unique objectives and expectations.

A framework improves the long-term consistency of an investment strategy by making it easier to compare investment options on a consistent basis over time.

We believe that it is the bedrock on which a disciplined investment strategy is built.

In contrast, the classic response of the financial and investment industry to uncertainty is to confidently “sell” definite “solutions”, often based on historical performance and designed to perform well only in certain circumstances.

Many of the clients that we work with are successful business people. They know what it means to take sensible, well-considered risks to achieve long-term goals. They have faced uncertainty at many points in their careers. They’ve learnt from experience that the world is full of shades of grey.

They are our ideal clients because they recognise that we offer something truly different:

A conceptual framework to make better investment decisions based on sound logic, evidence and a careful consideration their needs.

How We’re a small private business that is 100% focused on working with only a handful of select clients at any given time.

We prefer to partner with our clients on short-to-medium term projects. We agree a project scope, key deliverables, deadlines and a fixed fee-for-service.

We’re excited by repeat business because it’s the ultimate proof of a satisfied client!

But we don’t have a retention model. We don’t believe in commissions, retainers, etc. They would make our lives easier, but they would also incentivise us to provide advice that may not be in your best interest.

This way, we’re only as good as our last project. This ensures that we’ll always have skin-in-the-game and we’ll avoid the complacency that comes from relying on past success.

Our aim is to ideally work ourselves out of a job. We do this by helping you to create a portfolio that is designed to help you meet your objectives. You’ll know exactly what you own and why. You’ll also have a set of realistic expectations that will help you to stick with your strategy during the market’s inevitable ups and downs. You’ll feel informed and empowered to make decisions. You won’t need us to hold your hand.

So how do we survive? We back ourselves to do an excellent job. And we hope you’ll be so pleased with the results that you’ll recommend us to your friends and colleagues.

Where We’re based in Melbourne, Australia and we’re happy to travel anywhere within Australia to help our clients.
When Please contact us to organise a call.